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Signaling Pathways title  Complete solutions for single cell analysis

Thanks to its precision, sensitivity and flexibility, the qPCR technology is widely used and efficient to explore the gene expression landscape, even for single cell experiments. For robust and successful results in single cell analysis using quantitative real time PCR, crucial steps are necessary: experimental design, sample preparation and single cell collection, direct lysis, Reverse Transcription, Preamplification, qPCR and data analysis. Each step has to be optimized to guarantee sufficient, robust and reliable qPCR results.

The direct lysis step is a fast solution to obtain cell lysates from cell cultures or cell sorting, by avoiding RNA loss, in comparison to standard RNA isolation procedures. Even if this strategy offers a fast and easy-to-use protocol, the formulation of the lysis buffer is however very important to keep high qPCR performance, while protecting RNA from degradation and its adherence to the plastic tubes or wells.

The preamplification is a supplementary and crucial step that allows to perform a specific enrichment of the targeted cDNA sequences, particularly for low expressed genes or for limited sample amount.

AnyGenes has develop its own range of direct lysis (DiLysis) and preamplification (SpeAmpn) kits to help you to perform your single cell profiling experiments with a complete and optimal solution. All these kits have been carefully optimized with our SignArrays system in order to explore signaling pathways with only few cells or nanograms of RNA.

Signaling Pathways title Single cell analysis with qPCR technology

Discover now our DiLysis and SpeAmpn reagents to obtain successful single cell analysis, fully compatible with the analysis of signaling pathways with our SignArrays system.

With very affordable prices, our reagent packaging starting from 10 reactions allows to test your first single cell experiments or improve your qPCR results from a little amount of RNA.

Pre-Amplification kits (SpeAmpn reagents)

Rare or precious samples to analyze ? Use our new SpeAmpn reagents to analyze until 4 signaling pathways with only 5-50ng starting amount of RNA.

Direct lysis to SignArray

Perform signaling pathways analysis with only 10-100 cells ? It is now possible with our new Direct lysis to SignArray reagents!

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