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Signaling Pathways title  Boost your qPCR and qPCR arrays with complete solutions

Specialized for nearly 2 decades on biomarkers and signaling pathways profiling, AnyGenes has developed a large portfolio of more than 500 cell signaling pathways ready-to-use in many species, with the qPCR array technology.

Offering molecular biology reagents and kits allowing to help your qPCR array or microarray analysis, even for difficult samples (low quantities of samples, degraded FFPE or LCM samples…) or difficult targets (GC rich sequences, genes with several variants…) is our top priority.

To this end, AnyGenes® has also developed and optimized a whole range of complete solutions for transcriptomic analysis, from lysis of the sample to qPCR array (SignArrays®) data analysis in order to guarantee you the best results.

All our products are experimentally validated before each sending, thanks to very stringent quality control criteria.

AnyGenes® offers you complete solutions for transcriptomic analysis, from lysis of the sample to data analysis.

Signaling Pathways title  From lysis reagents to qPCR array : explore now our catalog !

Signaling Pathways (qPCR 96 or 384 plates) compatible with all qPCR instruments.

Signaling Pathways

Select your qPCR array SignArrays® to analyze your favorite signaling pathways in less than 2 hours !

Improve your qPCR results with our Perfect Master Mixes.

qPCR Master Mixes

Improve your results with our very efficient and sensitive Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green or PROBE !

Get the gene expression profile for any genes and any species with our qPCR Validated Primers

Validated Primer Sets

Find your very specific Validated Primer sets in our strong database at very competitive prices.

Discover our complete solutions to improve your results with only few quantities of biological material.

Single Cell Profiling

Rare or precious samples to analyze ? Use our new SpeAmpn reagents to analyze until 4 signaling pathways with only 5-50ng starting amount of RNA.

Explore the microbiota profile of your samples with our qPCR Microbiota Assays available in several formats.

Microbiota Assays

Evaluate the microbiota profile of your biological samples in less than 3 hours with our new range of customizable products.

Improve your transcriptomic results by using our highly efficient StaRT Reverse Transcription kit.

StaRT Reverse Transcription Kits

Generate your cDNA with our very efficient Reverse Transcription kit, fully compatible with qPCR and microarrays applications.

MycoDiag assays ensure a fast and reliable screening of your cell culture supernatants for Mycoplasma contamination by qPCR or PCR .

Mycoplasma Detection Assays

Used as the tool of choice in many research laboratories, in public and private sector.

LncRNA qPCR assay Analyse the expression of LncRNA in your samples with our LncRNA qPCR assays: individual primers and qPCR arrays.

LncRNA qPCR assays

Explore our large catalog of LncRNA assays (Validated Primer Set or qPCR array format) for many species.

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