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Biomarker Services

Signaling Pathways title  Our high-throughput molecular platform for biomarker services

AnyGenes® provides services of integrated approaches for translational medicine, based on a broad range of innovative technologies for drug development including drug screening and testing in in vitro cell culture, efficacy and safety, mechanism of action, search & validation of biomarker signature, data analysis and patient stratification. Our goal is to help in the efficient development of new targeted drugs by developing innovative tools, which allow selecting patients most likely to respond to a developed targeted therapy.

AnyGenes® has its own i) laboratories with well-equipped platform and validated technologies for gene expression, protein analysis, mutation detection, copy number and variants analysis, methylation analysis… ii) biocomputer platform for efficient data analysis:

  • With the possibility of using different type of biological samples: biopsies, cell lines, PBMC, FFPE…
  • Using cutting edge technologies: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), qPCR array…
  • While taking charge of the whole process from sample reception to report of complete data analysis.
  • Wide range of therapeutic area

 AnyGenes® scientific team has great ability to adapt our offer to your project needs, we are willing to assist you: contact@anygenes.com

Signaling Pathways title  A large choice of full services for high-throughput analysis

AnyGenes® provides full services for high-throughput data analysis concerning many application fields:

- In Vitro Drug analysis
- Histoculture Drug Response Assays (HDRA) systems
- Biomarkers identification and validation studies based on our own qPCR signaling pathways (SignArrays®)
- DNA Methylation analysis by pyrosequencing and epigenetic regulation signaling pathways
- Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis
- and so much more !

Signaling Pathways title  Advantages of AnyGenes biomarker services:

  • Save money: we guarantee the lowest prices in the market.
  • Save time: our technical experts perform the whole experiment for you.
  • No need to invest in instruments or reagents!

Robust and reliable results:

  • our signaling pathways are based on spanning intron primer design and experimentally validated,
  • we include all necessary quality controls in all our experiments and technologies,
  • high-throughput data analysis are only made with robust statistical tools and softwares validated by high impact factor scientific publications.


Biomarker Services AnyGenes offers you a whole range of services for many species on its high-throughput molecular platform.
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