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AnyGenes was founded in 2007, by scientists with more than 20 years of experience in molecular and cellular biology. Our main focus is cell signaling pathways, epigenetic and RNA expression.

The company has developed a large portfolio of more than 500 cell signaling pathways ready-to-use in many species, at gene expression level. We expand this development to high quality reagents for the detection of mycoplasma in cell culture, the analysis of biomarkers in few cells, the expression analysis of LncRNA (long non-coding RNA), and specific assays for the analysis of microbiome…

As a complementary to our cell signaling pathways and products, we offer to our customers the opportunity to use our proprietary platform for customized services including drug development, biomarkers validation, mechanism of action analysis… AnyGenes scientists use and master cutting edge molecular technologies and working hard for the success of each project. We are proud of the constant high satisfaction of our customers

At AnyGenes, our goal is to provide scientists with the highest level of molecular services and easy-to-use kits. We believe that our innovative tools analyzing the dysfunction of RNA and signaling pathways in many diseases including cancer, contribute efficiently to the development of precision medicine.

For more information: www.anygenes.com


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4 rue de la Chine
75020 Paris FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0) 1 43 58 88 63


Biomarker and signaling pathways profiler
Localisé à Paris, AnyGenes développe et commercialise des produits innovants pour le criblage haut débit et l'analyse des voies de signalisation.
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