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 In Vitro Drug Development

Signaling Pathways title  Reliable tools to assist your drug development

Are you looking for the mechanism of action of your molecules ?

AnyGenes® scientists can help you to conduct a wide range of in vitro drug analysis using our large collection of human cell lines, supported by our signaling pathways SignArrays® system to discover biomarkers and molecular signature relative to your scientific topic.

Signaling Pathways title  In vitro drug analysis with proliferation and functional assays...

From in vitro models suitable with your project, we can perform all the in vitro drug analysis for you!

Each experimental condition is achieved in triplicates with all the required quality controls. You just have to send us your new molecules to test it with highly reliable cell proliferation assays in order to :

- evaluate drug induced effects

- and determine IC50 of your drugs on these cell lines.

With fast and already validated protocols, you can easily analyse the direct effects of your new drugs on a large range of cell lines.

With robust procedures suitable for many in vitro models according to your projects, AnyGenes services assist your drug development.

Signaling Pathways title  To better indentify biomarkers and drug induced effects

The IC50 values of your drugs obtained on each in vitro model allow to set up your experiments to analyse their molecular mechanism of action (optimal concentration(s) and time(s) of treatment).

To this end, we can propose you to analyse your samples on our high-throughput molecular platform with a large collection of signaling pathways (SignArrays®) by qPCR array technology.

Highly reliable, sensitive and reproducible, this quantitative real-time PCR approach will help you to identify the molecular signature of your drugs. We will perform all the experiments for you, from sample processing to robust data analysis.

For more details, discover now our complementary Biomarkers identification & Validation services.

Our in vitro drug development services are supported by qPCR arrays to explore involved biomarkers and signaling pathways.


Very competitive prices
- A large collection of cell lines at your disposal
Complete analysis tools to discover biomarkers and molecular signature

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