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Biomarkers Identification and Validation

Signaling Pathways title  qPCR service and biomarker testing service for high-throughput gene expression analysis

AnyGenes® provides full qPCR services for biomarkers identification and validation, drug discovery and drug development projects based on our proprietary high-throughput molecular platform allowing to perform gene expression profiling from any signaling pathways (SignArrays®). No need to invest in instruments or reagents, our scientists team will be pleased to help you to design and perform your preclinical study or clinical development in order to respond to your research needs.

Our SignArrays® products are best used with:

- Biomarkers identification and biomarker validation

- Gene expression profiling

- DNA microarray validation

- Drug development (molecular mechanism of action, toxicity, metabolism...)

- Characterization of cellular or animal models

- Another application in mind ? Please contact us.

We can analyse various biological samples: tissues, cell lines, RNA... whose quality is always evaluated before each analysis. All your samples will be rigorously processed and analysed in a very short delay on our high-throughput molecular platform.

AnyGenes has developed robust procedures for the analysis of gene expression by qPCR arrays specific to any signaling pathways, with its high-throughput molecular platform.

Data analysis is based on own powerful and intuitive tools that will give you a full range of descriptive and comparative results, supported by graphs, ideal for your future presentations.

Signaling Pathways title  Robust qPCR arrays for biomarker validation and signaling pathways profiling

Our SignArrays® system has been optimised in conjunction with our Perfect Master Mix Reagents to ensure you the best qPCR performance (very high efficiency, specificity, reliability, reproducibility).

AnyGenes qPCR arrays contain primer sets:
- for specific genes involved in the signaling pathways of your choice (on catalog or customizable)
- based on intron-spanning design (whenever possible, according to the genes of interest) in order to guarantee the best specificity and avoid amplification of any potential gDNA contamination
- validated at the experimental level on a large collection of tissues and cell lines with strict quality control criteria to ensure you the best results.
- developed for several species: Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus, Sus scrofa...

After more than 10 years of proposing services, many of collaborative projects have led to high impact factor scientific publications. AnyGenes® SignArrays® will help you to get robust and reliable results while reducing time and money by proposing you very competitive prices!

Discover now our SignArrays® system!

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