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All-in-one solution SignArrays system to explore your favorite Signaling Pathways
qPCR Validated Primers Sets to analyse any genes for any species
cDNA Preamplification SpeAmpn reagents to analyse until 4 signaling pathways from only 5ng of RNA.
qPCR Microbiota Assays available in several formats to analyse the microbiota profile of your samples in less than 3 hours
qPCR SignArrays Signaling Pathways


You can find any Signaling Pathways for Human, Mouse,
Rat and any species at very competitive prices



Epigenetic regulation ( Newsletter 03/17 )

How epigenetic factors can modify the cell
fate and be actively involved in carcinogenesis.

qPCR Validated Primer sets

Analyse any genes or panel of genes for any species at very competitive prices

- Experimentally validated
- Totally customizable
- Perfect for many applications

Discover now our Validated Primer Sets !

cDNA Preamplification SpeAmpn kit


Analyse more Signaling Pathways from few biological
material (5ng) thanks to our cDNA preamplification SpeAmpn Kits!

Analyse your microbiota profile

Analyse your microbiota profile at very competitive
prices with our new range of experimentally validated
microbiota assays and SignArrays!

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Please join us at our booth #H105, hall H, to learn more about AnyGenes's products and molecular services

2- 7th Drug Discovery Summit, 2022-Madrid

AnyGenes will participate to the 7th Drug Discovery Summit, 2022-Madrid. Dr NAIMI, will give a talk on the importance of signaling pathways and biomarkers in the process of drug development, by using AnyGenes molecular platform

3- Importation of biological samples

AnyGenes obtained from The Ministry of Agricultural the authorisation to import biological samples from outside the European Union

4- Distribution agreement with Hölzel Diagnostika

We welcome Hölzel Diagnostika Handels GmbH as new distributor of AnyGenes products and services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

5- BIO-Europe Spring 2020

AnyGenes will be present at BIO-Europe Spring 2020

6- AnyGenes products and services in JAPAN

We are proud to have signed an agreement with the company Funakoshi, Co, Ltd, for the distribution of AnyGenes products and services in JAPAN

7- BIOFIT 2018, LILLE, 4-5 December

AnyGenes team will be present at BioFIT Event 2018 at Lille, FRANCE

8- Specific Pre-amplification kit

You have small quantity of biological sample but many signaling pathways to explore? AnyGenes® team is proud to help you with our new range of cDNA pre-amplification SpeAmpn system to perform high-throughput analysis with very small amounts of biological material (5 ng RNA) or few cells.

9- MEDICA 2017/ Dûsseldorf, GERMANY, 13-16 NOV

AnyGenes® team was present at MEDICA 2017, the key world forum for medicine. AnyGenes® stays informed of all the news, innovative projects, latest technologies and issues in medical fields in order to offer you innovative products and tools.

10- BioJapan/ Regenerative Medicine Japan 2016

AnyGenes® has been selected by the EU-Japan centre, for BtoB meetings at Osaka from 9-11 October, and to present its products (SignArrays®) and its multi-biomarkers clinical tests at BioJapan 2016, October 12-14, Yokohama, JAPAN.

11- Chinese Medicine Conference 2016

Dr Ju Liya has held a conference at the 2nd World Forum on Astragalus membranaceus, 10 June 2016 at Beijing CHINA. Dr Ju Liya had talked about interesting results from in vitro analysis of compounds from chinese medicine by using AnyGenes® molecular platform.

12- Products

Discover now our various signaling pathways (SignArrays®) and Highly sensitive and specific assay kits for specific gene quantification by real time qPCR array.

Signaling Pathways title Cell signaling and biomarkers profiler

Since more than 15 years, AnyGenes has developed a large catalog of molecular biology reagents and assays dedicated to gene expression, cell signaling and biomarkers profiling.

All the AnyGenes products have been developed, optimized and experimentally validated to guarantee high performance and highly accurate results.

Thanks to its own high-throughput molecular platform, AnyGenes also provides full services, from cell culture to biomarkers identification and validation with high-throughput data analysis, to support your research and drug development projects.

Signaling Pathways title  Cell signaling and biomarkers assays and services

Discover now our whole range of complete solutions to boost your projects.