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Signaling Pathways title  A large choice among specific validated primer sets

AnyGenes has a very large database of validated qPCR primer sets for many species, ready to use. We provide them 20X concentrated (20xOL), containing validated reverse and forward qPCR primer in a flexible format assays (see below). Each primer set has been experimentally validated with our Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green and optimized for the analysis of targeted gene expression profiling.

We highly recommend to use AnyGenes 20xOL gene specific assays with our qPCR Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green (PMS) as they have been designed and experimentally validated together.

AnyGenes 20xOL Validated Primer Sets are ready-to-use gene specific and sensitive quantification assays for quantitative real-time PCR applications, available at very competitive prices (see price list below).

Get the gene expression profile for any genes and any species with our qPCR Validated Primers Sets.

Signaling Pathways title  Optimal primer sets design to get best qPCR results

All our Validated primers sets are designed under the same parameters and requirements to guarantee standardisation and multiplexing in the same qPCR run for every of your experiment.

Each of our qPCR Validated Primer Set is guaranteed by strict experimental quality controls (efficiency between 90% and 110%).

Primer efficiency is guaranteed by our rigourous experimental quality controls (efficiency between 90% and 110%) by using our Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green (PMS) specifically developed to ensure you the best results in quantitative real-time PCR.

Based on strict intron spanning design (whenever possible, according to the genes of interest), all our qPCR primers are tested for a single peak on the melting curve and a single gel band at the expected weight. Each primer pair detects a specific product and guarantees the best specificity.

All of our qPCR primer sets are designed according to stringent intron spanning parameters and experimentally validated by strict quality controls.

AnyGenes monitors the reproducibility of their SignArrays with strict quality controls (example with 2 Human Apoptosis SignArrays performed from the same sample).

Our Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green reagent (PMS) has been developed and validated with all our primer sets and signaling pathways for reliable and reproducible qPCR results (correlation between the same SignArrays® tested with same cDNAs).

 NB : Probe assays are also available on demand.

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Signaling Pathways title  Specific gene expression assays

Specific gene expression assays (validated primer sets) prices

Reference type : HE-XXXX-50
Validated Primer sets
Number of
(before TAX)
42 €
56 €
70 €
84 €

*XXXX = the gene name (according to the HGNC approved-gene nomenclature)

* required number of reactions

* HE for Human expression, HCN for Human gDNA CNV, or HP for Human gDNA promoter applications

* and M for Mus musculus species instead of H or R for Rattus norvegicus species instead of H

(see Compatibility file)

PMS Reagents associated with gene expression assays

Reference type : PMS1-Z50
Perfect Master Mix SYBRG®
Number of
(before TAX)
47 €
94 €
171 €
357 €

* 10 μl of PMS/reaction for 20 μl final volume

* required number of reactions

** For more information on prices, please contact us at [email protected]

*** These prices are available only in FRANCE, please contact your local distributors of your country