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Signaling Pathways title  Specific preamplification PCR to improve your qPCR results !

You have small quantity of biological sample but many signaling pathways to explore ? Our preamplification reagents are the perfect solution to optimize your qPCR results.

AnyGenes® team is proud to help you with our new range of specific cDNA preamplification SpeAmpn system to perform high-throughput data analysis with very small amounts of biological material.

It's now possible, from 5 ng of RNA, to analyse up to 368 genes or 4 signaling pathways from the large catalog of AnyGenes® SignArrays®. You can also customize your signaling pathways with genes of your interest.

The SpeAmpn system, by its easy-to-use reagents, allow you to do more with high performance and flexibility.

A very high reliable and flexible solution to analyse until 4 signaling pathways from only 5ng of RNA.

Specific cDNA preamplification SpeAmpn system contains:

Perfect Master Mix containing a thermo-stable Taq DNA Polymerase as well as buffer and MgCl2 at concentrations optimised for the high performance of the enzyme and dNTPs required for cDNA preamplification.

AmpPuren, containing a pool of enzymes allowing purification of the PCR products at the end of the preamplification step.

Primnx (not included in the SpeAmpn kit): pool of specific primers of your favorite signaling pathways or custom genes. Please order separately.

You can now analyse until 4 signaling pathways from only 5ng of RNA using the cDNA Preamplification SpeAmpn kit.

B : The Primnx pool has to correspond to the catalog reference of the SignArray® of your choice!

Signaling Pathways title  A validated process with preamplification reagents to simplify qPCR data analysis!


SpeAmpn reagents are validated to ensure very high correlation between experiments performed with and without cDNA Preamplification.
qPCR arrays results obtained after SpeAmpn cDNA Preamplification step are more reliable and easily interpretable, especially for low expressed genes.

Very high correlation between preamplification with SpeAmpn kit and without preamplification (RNA from our large collection of human and mouse tissues).

The preamplification step with the SpeAmpn system does not alter the quantified expression level of each gene.


SpeAmpn reagents have been optimised to give you reproducible qPCR results.

Reproducible results with 2 distinct experiments using preamplification SpeAmpn kit. (experiment repeated 20 times)

Fully compatible with our
 signaling pathways SignArrays® system, the SpeAmpn system has been optimised and experimentally validated by our strict quality control policy in order to give you highly reliable and reproducible real-time PCR results.

Signaling Pathways title  cDNA preamplification SpeAmpn system : so many strengths !

Needs few ng of RNA to
analyse 368 genes of
Specific of any signaling
pathway from
AnyGenes® SignArrays®
Customizable, you can
choose genes of your
Usable on any type of
samples (Frozen tissues,
biopsies, FFPE samples,
LCM samples, PBMC…)
Highly reliable and
reproducible results
validated by our strict
quality control procedure
Very attractive prices

cDNA Pre-Amplification kit

of Reactions
214 €
357 €
571 €

XXXX : name of the selected specific signaling pathway

example : AN1H for human angiogenesis 1

Pooled primers for cDNA Pre-Amplification kits

of Reactions
Primnx-10 XXXX
86 €
Primnx-25 XXXX
107 €
Primnx-50 XXXX
171 €

** For more prices, please contact us at [email protected]

*** These prices are available only in FRANCE, please contact your local distributors of your country