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AnyGenes® offers you the possibility to download our analysis software specifically developed for the analysis of our SignArrays®. This powerful data analysis tools is user-friendly, developed on Excel and is mainly compatible with Excel 2007 and all ulterior versions. However, functionalities problems can occur if you use an anterior version.

This software will help you to conduct a quick and reliable analysis of your results from AnyGenes® qPCR arrays signaling pathways (SignArrays®), with the possibility to generate a data table set (descriptive statistics) and graphs. The obtained results can be used for presentations or publications. It also allows comparing up to 10 experimental conditions to a reference condition (also named control or calibrator) in a same Excel workbook. This data analysis is based on the ΔCq calculation method, while normalizing gene expression with the selected house-keeping genes. Explanatory notes will guide you throughout your analysis.

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