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Signaling Pathways title  Optimise the performance of your transcriptomic analysis !

By developing his own Reverse Transcription kits, AnyGenes® can propose you a complete solution to perform highly efficient reverse transcription of your samples in order to ensure you the best transcriptomic analysis results.

We have optimised the Start Reverse Transcription kit and controlled its high performance from 5 ng to 2 µg, with strict quality controls (performance by dynamic ranges and precision), made with a large collection of RNA extracted from cell lines and tissues of several species.

Improve your qPCR and microarrays results by using our highly efficient StaRT Reverse Transcription kit.
The repeatability of qPCR results obtained after StaRT Reverse Transcription is validated by quality controls with several distinct and repeated experiments.
The efficiency of StaRT Reverse Transcription kit from 5ng to 2µg RNA is ensured by our strict quality control policy.

Optimized to be used with all types of samples (cell lines, tissues, PBMC, and more difficult biological material like FFPE samples or LCM samples...), our Start Reverse Transcription kit is fully compatible for many transcriptomic technologies, like quantitative real-time PCR (even with pre-amplification supplementary step) and microarrays.

Signaling Pathways title With our Reverse Transcription kits, a flexible protocol to optimise your qPCR experiments


This easy-to-use and flexible system will synthetize high yield of first-strand cDNA, even from difficult RNA sequences (including AU and GC rich sequences...), which can be directly used to any of your qPCR experiments. 

To study more signaling pathways, the combination with the SpeAmpn cDNA preamplification system will allow you to analyse ideally the gene expression profile by qPCR arrays of your samples from few quantities of biological material (Start Reverse Transcription with only 5-50ng RNA). 

You can as of now use our Start Reverse Transcription kits at very competitive prices.

Start Reverse Transcription kits prices 

Number of
(before TAX)

Download our StaRT Reverse Transcription Kits for more information. Click here

** For more information on prices, please contact us at [email protected]

*** These prices are available only in FRANCE, please contact your local distributors of your country