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Innate and Adaptive Immunity  Innate & Adaptive Immune Response

The immune system has two important branches, Innate and adaptive immunity which plays essential role for health and initiation and progression of chronic inflammatory diseases (1).
Innate-and-adaptive -immunity

Innate-adaptive immunity interplay in immune response (1)

The recognized characteristic in the innate and adaptive immune system is ''Memory ''' which enhances host survival upon reinfection (2).

Innate and Adaptive Immunity Signaling Pathways play critical roles in health and the initiation and progression of chronic inflammatory diseases Immune Response and diseases

Studies have proven that dysfunction of innate and adaptive immune response is considered to be a key step in the initiation and maintenance of autoimmune diseases (3), atherosclerosis (4), COVID-19 (5), Parkinson's disease …(6).
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