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Signaling Pathways title  A large choice of complete data analysis services

qPCR arrays, DNA microarrays or Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) experiments generate large volume of complex data. Analysis of such data needs strict procedure and specific bioinformatics tools and knowledge.

AnyGenes® is proud to share its experience of several years in data analysis and offers you the possibility to analyse your data by using our biocomputer platform.

We offer to our customers personalised solutions adapted to their projects needs and their data set with high confidentiality for :

- Robust statistical tests

- Gene clustering

- Algorithms or classifiers

- Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) primary & secondary analysis

You have just to send us your data and we will process them for you ! We will rapidly provide you complete data analysis results with graphs and reports.

Signaling Pathways title  Perfect for genome and transcriptome high-throughput data analysis

Our full data analysis services are compatible with many application fields :

- Gene expression profiling

- RNA sequencing / Whole-Genome sequencing, applicable to all types of projects

- Microbiome characterization

- Drug development by notably identifying the mechanism(s) of action of new drugs, or the drug induced effects - Molecular characterization of biological models (Knock-out mice,...)

- Identification of biomarkers signature

- Preclinical tests

... and many more !

Discover now all our possibilities by contact us !

high-throughput data analysis: NGS

Next-Generation Sequencing

L'équipe scientifique d'AnyGenes prend en charge votre analyse de données haut débit de puces à ADN : des données brutes aux graphiques et comptes-rendus.

DNA Chips

Laissez notre équipe scientifique analyser toutes vos données de qPCR arrays pour vous, afin d'identifier biomarqueurs et voies de signalisation impliquées, selon vos projets.

qPCR arrays