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Signaling Pathways title   The perfect solution to improve your qPCR results!

You have only few cells and you need more results ? our Direct Lysis reagents are the best solution.

We have the solution! AnyGenes® set up a new range of kits named Direct Lysis to SignArrays® kits (DiLysis) based on direct lysis of cells optimised to be followed by RT-qPCR (no RNA extraction is needed), which allows you to perform quantitative real-time PCR analysis with only 10 to 100 cells.

Depending on the number and the gene expression profile of analysed factors by qPCR on your cells, this flexible system can allow you to study gene expression of a panel of genes directly without any RNA extraction step.

To optimize your qPCR results, we strongly recommend to combine it with our cDNA pre-amplification SpeAmpn system. All these possibilities have been optimised and the very high performance of all our reagents is controlled with our strict quality control policy to ensure you the best downstream quantitative real-time PCR results (reliability, sensitivity, specificity, repeatability...).

From only few cells, you can now directly analyse signaling pathways by qPCR arrays by using our optimised Direct Lysis reagents (DiLysis kit).
Direct Lysis reagents: Analyse signaling pathways by qPCR arrays from only few cells.

Signaling Pathways title  A simple and fast procedure to directly proceed to transcriptomic analysis !

DiLysis reagents have been optimised to offer you a simple and fast procedure to directly proceed to transcriptomic analysis from few cells.

Direct Lysis reagents (DiLysis ) kits contain an optimized lysis buffer to ensure you in only one step:

- direct lysis of your cells without any RNA extraction step
- preservation RNA integrity / avoid RNA degradation
- no loss of biologic material by only step procedure
- direct use for downstream qPCR experiments without any alteration of qPCR performance 

Many advantages:

Flexible system
Usable with few cells
A simple & fast protocol
Directly usable for RT-qPCR

To combine with SpeAmpn system to increase your possibilites

Improve your qPCR results

Direct Lysis to SignArray® Kits prices

Number of
46 €
107 €
200 €

** For more information on prices, please contact us at [email protected]

*** These prices are available only in FRANCE, please contact your local distributors of your country