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epigenetics  Complete data analysis services for epigenetics

Epigenetics corresponds to the modification of gene expression which do not arise from modifications of the DNA sequence. The most important events are : DNA methylation at CpG islets and post-translational modification of histones (methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation,...). Epigenetic events are strongly influenced by environmental factors, stress and diets.

Exploring these events can help you to understand gene regulation, activation of signaling pathways and explain many physiological (like development and growth) or pathological processes.

AnyGenes® offers you several ranges of services which allow analysis of epigenetic events.

- By quantifying gene expression for enzymes involved in epigenetic events by qPCR arrays (SignArrays®).
-  By assessing methylation of CpG islets with pyrosequencing technology.

Analyse epigenetics events by studying gene expression of involved factors by qPCR arrays or DNA methylation by pyrosequencing with AnyGenes services.

epigenetics  Explore epigenetics with validated pyrosequencing and qPCR assays for highest performance

All our qPCR and pyrosequencing assays are validated on cDNA or gDNA provided from a large collection of tissues and cell lines, thanks to our strict quality control criteria policy to ensure you the best results.

With our high-throughput molecular platform, we can propose you complete services to directly perform and accelerate your epigenetic experiments, by avoiding you any internal development step and data analysis.

From sample processing to data analysis and results report, we can manage all your pyrosequencing and qPCR arrays projects.


Discover now our 2 ranges of epigenetic services: