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This innovative assay will quantify the global methylation of genomic DNA. As it has been shown in many scientific publications, the global DNA hypomethylation characterizes a large percentage of human cancers, but also other diseases. It will help to measure the global evolution of methylation status at different stages of cancer progression and its comparison to normal and precancerous tissues.

The SGM method detects specifically the methylation levels of repetitive elements LINE-1 (Long Interspersed Nuclear Element-1) retrotransposon. Those repetitive elements represent a large portion of human genome around 17% and contain much of hypomethylated CpG in diverse human cancers, which reflect the global hypomethylations in human cancers and other diseases. Briefly, after bisulfite treatment of DNA, specific methylation primers and probes are used in qPCR to quantify the global methylation level in genomic DNA. The SGM method is more accurate than the other ELISA-based methods to assess the global DNA methylation.

The SGM quantify methylation of the most CpG sites cited in scientific literature and known to be modified in diseases progression, these CpG are located in the 5’ upstream region of LINE-1. We developed four SGM assays to quantify this region.


If you need to explore the global methylation of DNA in your project, we can help you to perform this analysis from start to end, you have just to send us your:

    • Biological samples: biopsies, tissues, blood, FFPE…or genomic DNA

We will perform the analysis for you in 2–4 weeks with a final report.