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Signaling Pathways title  High Resolution Melting Analysis, a sensitive gene methylation analysis

 MS-HRM for Methylation Sensitive High Resolution Melting Analysis, uses qPCR technique to monitor fluorescence changes during the melting process of DNA duplex. Bisulfite treatment of DNA is needed to monitor DNA methylation by HRM. AnyGenes team has the ability to design specific HRM primer assays from genomic region to measure the methylation status of your gene (s) of interest.

If you need to explore the methylation profile of one or several genes by HRM, we can help you to perform this analysis from start to end you have just to send us your:

    • Biological samples: biopsies, tissues, blood, FFPE…or genomic DNA
    • The name, accession number of your gene(s) and the targeted region for methylation analysis

AnyGenes team has many years of experience in processing all kind of biological samples, we will perform the analysis for you in 2-4 weeks with a final report.