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Newsletter 6 : Innate lymphoid cells, functions and mechanisms

Discover about Inflammatory diseases: Innate lymphoid cells, inflammation, autoimmune & inflammatory diseases ... Read more

Newsletter 5 : Immune checkpoints

Discover about Immune checkpoints: how to monitor their efficiency and limits! ... Read more

Newsletter 4 : SpeAmpn system

Discover now our new SpeAmpn system: 4 SignArrays® signaling pathways with only 5 ng of RNA! ... Read more

Newsletter 3 : Epigenetic regulation

Dicover about epigenetic regulation and modification of gene expression ... Read more

Newsletter 2 : The tumor microenvironnement

Discover about the tumor microenvironnement and how it helps cancer cells to grow and spread through the human body ... Read more

Newsletter 1 : The unsuspected functions of lncRNAs

Discover the role of lncRNAs in your genome and the new AnyGenes products based on lncRNA.

A Large majority of the genome, about 98%, is considered noncoding. However, the ENCODE project states that 80% of the genome does have a function (1).
LncRNAs (long non-coding RNAs) are RNAs that do not encode … Read more