The StaRT Reverse Transcription kit already possesses all the necessary components :
- Reverse Transcriptase (50U/μl), a highly efficient Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase (M-MLV)
- StaRT Buffer (10X), which is an optimised buffer allowing to ensure the best Reverse Transcription (RT) performance ...
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The SignArray system is an all-in-one soluton that helps you to analyse your favorite signaling pathways using qPCR array technology. Each well in a SignArray contains one specific primer pair to analyse the expression level of a specific targeted gene. We offer you two formats of SignArrays : 96 or 384 well plates, compatble with your qPCR instruments ...
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the SpeAmpn system has been optmised and experimentally validated by our strict quality control policy in order to give you highly reliable and reproducible results ...
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