title Epigenetic Regulation Signaling Pathways   Quantitative real-time PCR optimized for your epigenetic research

AnyGenes® team offers you the possibility to analyse global epigenetic events between your several experimental conditions by using our qPCR arrays services (SignArrays® system) comprising:

- the possibility of using various biological samples (cell lines, PBMC, frozen or FFPE tissues, LCM samples...)

- strong and controlled procedures but also customized according to your project needs

Analyse the epigenetic regulation signaling pathways by qPCR arrays technology (SignArrays), supported by our robust and reliable procedures.

- our range of Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green optimized for high qPCR performance (sensitivity, efficiency, repeatability...), in order to give you the best results.

- all our validated primer sets :

> specific to epigenetic regulation signaling pathways
> designed on 2 different exons (when possible) to increase the specificity and also avoid any amplification of potential contaminating gDNA or pseudogenes
> validated at the experimental level on a large collection of tissues and cell lines with our strong quality control policy to ensure you high quality real-time PCR results

- the data analysis :

> containing a complete report with our material & methods, results and graphs, perfectly usable in your future presentations
> with a normalisation step made with the best reliable house-keeping genes among 8 for all your samples, to ensure you high quality qPCR results.

title Methylation studies by Pyrosequencing technology   Our epigenetic regulation signaling pathways

With very competitive prices, this service developed for studying epigenetic regulation signaling pathways will allow you to boost your projects by getting very high quality results while saving time.

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