SpeAmpn system

You have small quantity of biological sample but many signaling pathways to explore?

AnyGenes team is proud to help you with our new range of cDNA pre-amplification SpeAmpn system to perform high-throughput analysis with very small amounts of biological material. It’s now possible, from 5 to 50 ng of RNA, to analyse up to 368 factors or 4 signaling pathways of your choice!

A simple process adapted to your project :

Une solution hautement fiable et flexible pour analyser jusqu'à 4 voies de signalisation avec seulement 5 ng d'ARN.

Fully compatible with AnyGenes SignArrays® system, the SpeAmpn system has been optimised and experimentally validated by our strict quality control policy in order to give you highly reliable and reproducible results.

Our key strengths :

   Pre-amplification specific to each signaling pathway or following the list of factors of your choice
   Highly reliable and reproducible results validated by our quality control procedure
   A perfect correlation between pre-amplified with our SpeAmpn reagents and non-amplified samples
   Use small quantity of RNA
   Usable on any type of samples(Frozen tissues, biopsies, FFPE samples, LCM samples, PBMC …)
   Customizable and fully compatible with our SignArrays system
   Very attractive prices

Les réactifs SpeAmpn ont été optimisés pour vous apporter des résultats de qPCR hautement reproductibles.

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